Are you ready to franchise your business? Are you searching for a trusted team who will guide you through the entire franchising process. Then, without skipping a beat, continue helping you navigate franchise sales, franchise operations, franchise systems and franchise marketing. Since 2009, SMB has helped over 200 brands turn into franchise. We have held executive level positions at established brands but remember being part of a start up system. We really get to know your business, how it works and provide insight to help you develop your franchise company – leading franchise owners to join you in your brand.

Photo of Ritchie Taylor, CFE
Ritchie Taylor, CFE
Franchise Attorney
Photo of Bradley Wooldridge, CFE
Bradley Wooldridge, CFE
Franchise Attorney
Photo of Judson Welborn
Judson Welborn
Litigation Attorney
Photo of Will Cherry III
Will Cherry III
Litigation Attorney
Photo of Alan Dickinson
Alan Dickinson
Director of Client Relations & Business Development
Photo of Jenny Kelly
Jenny Kelly
Marketing and Legal Practice Assistant